Get Involved!

What You Can Do Today

If you live in Burlington and you're motivated to prevent the expansion of the McNeil Generating Station, the best (and probably easiest!) thing you can do right now is to contact your City Council member and urge them to vote NO on the McNeil "District Heat" proposal.

(Not sure what ward you live in? Use this tool to find out!)

Click here for contact information for Burlington City Council members

Ward 1

Zoraya Hightower:, (802) 391-4333

Ward 2

Eugene Bergman:, (802) 598-3602

Ward 3

Joe Magee:, (802) 279-5513

Ward 4

Sarah E Carpenter:,  (802) 658-0474

Ward 5

Ben Traverse:, (802) 357-2055

Ward 6

Karen Paul, City Council President:, (802) 863-3817

Ward 7

Ali N Dieng:, (802) 318-2527

Ward 8

Hannah King:, (802) 448-2059


Melo Grant:, (802) 310-0962


Timothy C. Doherty, Jr.:, (802) 274-0038


Mark Barlow:, (802) 549-4433


Joan Shannon:, (802) 860-7489


Join Us!

Stop VT Biomass is an all volunteer run organization. As a grassroots organization we are reliant on volunteers to make our work a success. If you would like to learn more or be involved in any capacity, please fill out the form below or send us an email at